Games with transgender and nonbinary protagonists/options.

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Games with transgender and nonbinary protagonists/options.


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Diverse Gaming Lists

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Note: I tried to find good examples, but so many turned out to be rather nasty and harmful stereotypes. I’ve eliminated characters whose basic concept is hurtful, such as Birdo and Poison.

Many of the games that are stated to be free offer the chance to donate to the developers.

I could really use some help and suggestions with this list, because it is sparse.

ETA: I’ve had to remove links because tumblr post editor is broken keeps making every link in the post the same, but google searching will find the games.

Transwomen/Transfeminine protagonists:

Aerannis (kickstarter)

The Blind Griffin (free)

Bloom: Memories (up coming game)

Clarity (prototype - Free)

Dance Like a Butterfly (Free)

Dys4ia (Free)

Fight Like a Girl (Free)

Gender: Assigned Male at Birth (Free)

Mainichi (Free)

Naomi (Free)

Reparative (Free)


To Put it Simply (Free - About Leelah Alcorn, trigger warning for suicide)

You are the Reason (Demo)

Transmen/Transmasculine protagonists:

Eien no Filena/Eternal Filena (This game was only released in Japanese but has been fanpatched into English. I also note that information about this game keeps using female pronouns for the main character, despite them ID'ing as male.)


Crypt of the Necrodancer (Unlockable character Bolt)


Nights into Dreams Franchise (while you choose a girl or boy player character to interact with, Nights themself is genderless).

Tekken (Leo)

Undertale (Frisk/Chara)

Games with non-binary friendly character creation:

Analogue: A Hate Story & Analogue Plus

Always Sometimes Monsters

Choice of the Dragon (you play a dragon and you can answer “I’m a dragon” to the gender question.)

Community College Hero

The End (Free)

Fallen London (Free)

Habit RPG

Happy Pet Story

Hollywood Visionary

Hustle Cat (choose pronouns and appearance, but cannot change the protagonists name)


Metahuman Inc.

Pokemon Reborn (A ROM Hack featuring several protagonists)

Pumpkin Online (upcoming game)


ROM: Read Only Memories

Saints Row, excluding the first game (Sort of, the body and voice are separate options so you can choose any combination.)

Sunless Seas

Versus: The Lost Ones (You can choose between cis gender options, trans gender options, intersex, or non-binary)

Ambiguous protagonists:

Borderlands 2 (Zer0 uses he/him pronouns but appears to be agender)

The Closed Road

Namco Date

Miserere (Yume Nikki fangame)

Ori and the Blind Forest

Pirouette (Uses both male and female terms to refer to the protagonist.)


Games that explore transgender themes:


Binary Choices

Falling Out of Place (Free)

Fit In (Browser)

This is Not A Game About Catching Monsters (Free)

TransForms (Free)

Unsorted WIP (I need more info or need to play these games myself):


Closeted (Free)

Delicate Thread


Princess Boy and Little Elephant (Browser)



Tranxiety (Free)

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Games with transgender and nonbinary protagonists/options.


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Helping people find games that reflect them.

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